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About Us

We are a consulting company named SMOD and founded in 2012. With our experiences and expertise on SAP Human Resources Application and Technology Consultancy, we are on the way of becoming a leading company and giving the best and high quality services on our expertise. 
We are serving on a global basis with our most appropriate solutions and methods in line with the needs that emerged in the intense competition environment with the ever changing and developing technologies with our journey that started as a young company that takes the principle of "Change becomes development with finding the right way and right methods".
The services that we provide are one of the basic principles of our corporate culture that is fully qualified to customer requirements and legislative requirements. In all of the projects we implement in this framework, customer needs and expectations are at the highest level, quality is our indispensable principle to be met without sacrificing quality. As SMOD, our biggest aim is to be a technology company that continuously supports our business, adds value, reduces costs and risks and leads the sector and inspires its employees.


E-Payroll Statement

It is a solution that allows employees to display payslips with SAP standard or custom design options with user-password or e-signature verification method.


It is a solution that allows employees to display payslips with SAP standard or custom design options with user-password or e-signature verification method. You can specify your payroll periods that you want to be displayed with the help of Admin panel, and you can perform additional authorization for user management operations.


It is a solution that allows you to automatically transfer legal statements of employee actions such as hire, leave process and monthly payroll over SAP into website of SGK (Social Security Institution)


It is a product that allows you to automatically transfer legal statements of employee actions  such as hire, leave operations and monthly payroll over SAP to the website of SGK (Social Security Institution).



It is a solution that will make you one step ahead of using time management operations (including positive and negative time management) on SAP.


You can easily view and organize employee clock-in and clock-out information on this solution that can be integrated with any Personnel Attendance Control System that you use at your company. With effective reporting methods, you can easily follow employees and you can start one step ahead of using the time management (positive, negative) module that you can apply on SAP.



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